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Quality Certifications



The quality of workmanship, the high degree of specialization, compliance with the specific technical standards required by the aviation sector and the high organizational standards, combined with constant technical updating and software and hardware systems improvement, have determined a professionalism, which represents Galver Srl point of strength.

The competitive advantage created by Galver Srl in the manufacturing industry derives, above all, from the experience gained over the years and from the support of qualified staff.


The company has established a Quality System which was first certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 in 2006 and subsequently, in September 2012, according to the EN 9100 standard.

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As for galvanic treatments, we are NADCAP accredited for "Chemical Processing" and  "NonDestructive Testing" commodities.


Relating to NonDestructive Testing (NDT), Penetrant Liquid Inspection (NDT PT) and Magnetic Inspection (NDT MT) methods, we are qualified for the following process specifications: 


- ASTM E1417 "Standard Practice for Liquid Penetrant Testing";

- ASTM E1444 "Standard Practice for Magnetic Testing".



Quality policy

Galver quality policy 2021 

Certificates Downloads

EN 9100:2018, AS9100D, JISQ 9100:2016, ISO 9001:2015 Kiwa UNAVIAcert n. 00154-N Approval Certificate [Certificate Number #: 00154-N [IAF-ID3]
Audit scheduled for 8, 9 & 10 Novembre 2021)

Statement of Approval AgustaWestland n. AW/0795 del 04/11/2015

NADCAP Chemical Processing
​NADCAP Chemical Processing Certificate n.
12587200096 - expiration date 30/11/2022

NADCAP NonDestructive Testing
​NADCAP NonDestructive Testing Certificate n.
12587203851- expiration date 31/05/2022

Chemistry Laboratory 

Chemistry Laboratory - Galver

Galver has a chemical laboratory with tools and equipment necessary to carry out analysis for the control of galvanic and electroforming baths. The laboratory is equipped with:


  • atomic absorption spectrometer;
  • electromechanical testing machine for peel, traction and shear tests (100 KN);
  • automatic titrator;
  • corrosion resistance test machine (salt spray);
  • muffle;
  • Vickers hardness tester;
  • Distiller, magnetic stirrer, glassware, burettes, and various reagents for acid / base analysis and iodometry;

Measurement and Control Tools

The quality of processes and treatments carried out is ensured through a series of tools periodically periodically tested on their calibration status through accredited calibration centers.

Measurement and control tools

We have thickness gauges for paints and primers, micrometers, and a universal eddy current instrument for the inspection and search for surface, sub-surface and hole defects.

"Quality in a service or product, is not what you put into it but what the customer gets from it."

Peter Drucker

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